When replacing your on premise telephone system, VOIP/SIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol or Session Internet Protocol) solutions will provide a great alternative.

Hosted telephony is an inexpensive and reliable solution that is rapidly being implemented in UK organisations, so much so that it has reduced the cost of delivery to the Medium Size and SME market places.

Verilan offer a number of solutions that are feature rich and reliable, it is simply a case of determining which is the most suitable for your business requirements.

Virtualised PBX’s as they are also known, reduce capital expenditure by removing expensive hardware on premise. VOIP and SIP both offer borderless communication without running up a large bill. If you have a local or global sales team this solution is most definitely for you as there is the potential to slash your phone bill by 50%.

The key requirement for a hosted PBX is reliable data connection whether it be a fibre, wireless or 3g/4g as the solution uses the internet to deliver the telephony services, if you require better connectivity we can also deliver that for you.

Where possible all hosted PBX’s provided by Verilan are configured with a disaster recovery solution that in the event your broadband service or power fails you will not be left without telephones.

If you would like to know a little more about hosted PBX’s please feel free to contact us.Link Arrow