4g-LTE Disaster Recovery
It is not unknown for some of the big broadband/fibre providers to cut through circuits whilst carrying out router maintenance to their cabinets which results in the loss of services for hours or sometimes days.

Some of our clients have experienced this scenario with unfavourable outcomes and as a result Verilan developed a 4g router that allows us to provide a quick and easy disaster recovery solution that will enable continued access to your online solutions.

Our solution can be integrated into your existing network as a failover or permanent solution and is capable of achieving speeds of up to 20Mps download and 15Mps upload with an internal network speed of 150Mps. We have successfully used this solution to bring organisations back online and are able to provide testimonials on request.

Tom K, Lea Marston Hotel - When BT's contractors cut through all of our services whilst digging up the road one afternoon, Verilan were able to quickly deliver and connect their 4G DR solution, by late afternoon we had internet access and enough phones connected to minimise any disruption to the business.

If you have experienced a similar situation and would like to discuss a disaster recovery solution please feel free to contact us.Link Arrow